Black Payback Breeding Blondie

Published on May 18, 2023 by RacialHumiliation

Not too long ago, Kings like myself would have gotten into all kinds of trouble for bedding a fair-skinned beauty. You know the stories and seen the pictures. It was only due to hard work by Brother Farrakhan and white cucks like Adam Kinzinger that this became possible. I had this cave dweller kneel before me and open her mouth for some punishment. When I stepped back to relieve myself, I noticed that most restrooms are designed for white people. I then fucked her face until she was a messy latte lover. We spit-roasted her, digging for flavor with my black ass, before we really got down to business and she got bred with a black man’s hefty load. Then we blasted her face with another shot and she was covered in her own fluids. I hope she gets pregnant because I’m not paying out of principle.

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Black Payback

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