Ghetto Gaggers 19 Fresh Fuliginous Gets Bred

Published on May 4, 2023 by RacialHumiliation

The 19 year old shuddered as the white cocks forced their way down her throat, past her gag reflex and towards her lungs. She gagged, gasped, and cried out as if to summon mercy from the gods above, but none came. Her saliva mixed with her tears and dripped from her chin as she licked a man’s ass for the first time – and drank in every drop of his acrid yellow release. Then she was roughly pounded in her pussy until each thrust clapped like thunder through the room – until he unleashed his hot cum inside her that sent a shockwave through her body. Finally, he wiped himself off onto her face, leaving her drenched in a mixture of sweat, semen, and shame.

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Ghetto Gaggers

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